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    Things Happened Here
    Kansas Smitty's
    Ever Records
    Catalogue Number
    Release Date
    26 junio 2020

    Drawing influence from over one hundred years of jazz history, from Django Reinhardt to Ahmad Jamal, and the vivid musical landscapes of Debussy and even Brian Eno, British seven-piece and residents/owners of East London venue/bar of the same name, Kansas Smitty’s combine journeying with cinematic textures on new album Things Happened Here via K7’s newly revived Ever Records imprint.

    Lista de pistas digitales

    1. 1 Riders Kansas Smitty's 4:12
    2. 2 Dreamlane Kansas Smitty's 4:46
    3. 3 Two Dancers Kansas Smitty's 3:15
    4. 4 Sambre et Meuse Kansas Smitty's 4:52
    5. 5 Alcazar Kansas Smitty's 4:43
    6. 6 Temple of Bel Kansas Smitty's 2:22
    7. 7 Sunnyland Kansas Smitty's 4:29
    8. 8 Things Happened Here Kansas Smitty's 4:59
    9. 9 Judgement Kansas Smitty's 5:40

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